Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Third Time's the Charm

Garlic, arglglglggahhh. Homer Simpson style. Eyes rolling back, drool rolling forward. Gaaaarlic!

The air conditioner just kicked on, (it's February in Houston, what do you expect?) and the smell of roasted garlic filled the Blogorium. The blogger twitched, flinched, sniffed and finally enquired (ever so subtly), What the hell is that incredible smell?

Oh, just a little something I read from one of your Gourmet magazine books: Ultra Garlic Chicken.

Oy, vey, I thought, we had Gobi Desert chicken enchiladas last night. Could it be they've been reincarnated with garlic. It's possible, yes, just possible. Garlic has magical properties.

Incorrect, as usual, I was told that it's a new recipe: chicken, garlic, garlic and more garlic, lemon, black olives and vegies (potato, red bell pepper and carrot).

OK, I'm listening.

Well, you roast a head of garlic, and you toss those chunks in. Then you mash some more garlic and spread that on. Then you add the veggies and stuff and bake until the dogs howl.

Since we don't have dogs I guessed it was my job.

Ultra Garlic Chicken proved to be every bit as tasty as it smelled, judging from the gnashing of teeth, snarling and lack of dinner-time conversation.

Ugh, Thag say do again.

By the way, the lemon underneath the chicken was a very nice touch. I'll have to remember that.

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