Thursday, February 24, 2005


"Jeremy doesn't have homework."

That's how the conversation started. Jeremy doesn't have homework. Who in tarnation is Jeremy, I had no clue but he didn't have homework so, I guess by some Law of Nature I missed in my 20-plus years of schooling, if Jeremy had no homework Nobody Had Homework.

Homework Free Day!

Better than President's Day because you *could* have homework on PD. Yep, that's a fact I didn't learn in school. President's Day is n.o.t. immune from homework.

Homework Free Day was just that. No homework. Free day. Play video games until your thumbs were raw and your mind was a pool of unset Jell-O. Yeah, baby, Home-work-Free-Day!

Back to the original statement I said, "Well, that's cool that Jeremy doesn't have homework, but Jeremy probably isn't taking Algebra II and I think there's a test on Friday, so homework or not you probably have to DO SOMETHING!"

I think I cracked a tooth.

And that was that. No homework for Jeremy the Genius and no homework for anybody. Yea, Jeremy!

Much later, after the Algegra II Test Debacle, Yelling Match, Grounding and All-Round Bad Time, I had the opportunity to inquire...

"Just who is Jeremy? A friend of yours? Have we met Jeremy?"

And the answer was, "No, Jeremy is the kid in 'Zits', you know, in the paper."

I paused because I could feel the pressure building that would blow the top of my cranium into the kitchen light fixture I had just cleaned.

Jeremy? Zits? Paper?

"You mean Jeremy the cartoon character? The car-freaking-toon character?"

"Yeah. He doesn't get homework."

"He's a cartoon character", I replied with great restraint although I think blood was spurting out of every pore, "a cartoon character."

"And your point?"

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