Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Dog's Dinner?

Can you believe Someone referred to my new shoes as a "dog's dinner?"

Here's the blueprint:

1 looking for something new and different (thank you very much) to wear
1 sale in a shoe store
1 pr Adidas Oddities ZX 750
large dose of No Fear

According to the Free Dictionary a "dog's dinner" or "breakfast" is defined thusly:

A dog's breakfast/dinner (British & Australian, informal) something that has been done very badly. She tried to cut her hair and made a real dog's breakfast of it. You should have seen the ceiling after he'd finished painting it. It was a complete dog's breakfast.

Meaning, food or scraps only fit for our canine garbage disposal friend to eat.

However, I say that one man's dog's dinner is another man's gourmet feast. Especially if said man (moi) possesses exceptionally fine taste and No Fear.

In conclusion I present Exhibit A, The Shoes:


Anonymous said...

Wow those are some electric shoes. They appear to be the kind of thing a hip Apple store employee might wear.

Anonymous said...

great. i'm blind now.

Anonymous said...

Those shoe's are CLASSICS. They're incredible, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.