Monday, November 26, 2007


Here it is. My greatest weakness: presentation.

Look at that plate! I want to dive into it like a pig into a trough. The problem is, the plate looks too much like a trough.

Presentation. How to plate food and make it look attractive.

This is me: FAIL.

What we've got here is turkey and stuffing, baked yams, brussels sprouts with chestnuts and Claire's bean casserole. Yes, it was even tastier than it looks.

But look at the looks! It's a train wreck, both terrible and wonderful to behold.

I've tried plating high, plating low, being minimal, being maximal. More often than not it looks like this: good food sort of dished out. Glop. Glop. Glop.

Since I'm not an artist, nor do I play one on TV, I'm not likely to develop a style that works on my own. I need rules. Yes, rules and lots of rules!

I want my plates to be cute as a button.

Rachael Ray, where are you?


Eric Siegmund said...

Perhaps you just need to use bigger plates.

You could also try leaving off the Brussels Sprouts. ;-)

[BTW, I got here by way of Bret's place, over at Random Walk.]

Anonymous said...

problem is too many same-textured things. and that texture is glop. try layering--like the brussel sprouts go down in the middle of the plate. turkey gets balanced on top, as if you were laying a fire. some gravy on top. if you have a bigger plate, a cute ring of stuffing makes a great fortress wall. beyond that, ramekins are your friends.