Monday, April 28, 2008

The Book Sales Rank: #623 in Books (See Bestsellers in Books)
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#1 in Books > Parenting & Families > Humor
#3 in Books > Parenting & Families > Family Relationships > Fatherhood
#5 in Books > Entertainment > Humor > Essays

Moving on up! Sales Rank: #293 in Books (See Bestsellers in Books)
Popular in these categories: (What's this?)
#1 in Books > Parenting & Families > Humor
#1 in Books > Parenting & Families > Family Relationships > Fatherhood
#3 in Books > Literature & Fiction > Short Stories

Not an obsession.

Not that I'm obsessing over this, he said breathing deeply into a paper bag, but Dooce's book has risen to NUMBER 38 in Amazon's overall Bestseller List!

3 8 ! ! ! ! !

Will it reach the coveted Numero Uno spot?

Stay tuned!

(Memo to self: Order another pack of exclamation points. Running low!!!!)


Anonymous said...

WOOOOOO!!!! Way to go, Bill!


Dr. J said...

Yay! Congratulations!

beadbabe49 said...

good luck on many, many sales!

Farrell said...

Hey - Dooce linked to you today, also talking about the book, and I just wanted to say: My first name is Farrell. For real! Spelled the same way and everything! It's my great-grandmother's maiden name on my dad's side.
Just FYI:)

Anonymous said...

OK. Now I'm freaked out.

So, a while ago Dooce posted a picture of you two on her blog. Oh, I thought, a guy in Houston. Wonder if he's anywhere near me. And then my thought process wandered onto other things, like chocolate, and whether that nasty smell was eminating from the baby or the sewage works across the interstate.

Then a week or so ago I was at the mall hunting out some technology that would enable my 4 year old to demand milk and cookies from her bedroom via iChat - as you do - and I met a guy who looked really familiar, just couldn't think why. Actually, I decided that maybe cos his name was Bill I was getting him muddled up with Bill Bryson. Being British, that's the sort of dumb what-famous-american link my brain would make.

But he had these shoes... The sort of shoes you couldn't really, well, forget.

Then today Dooce blogs the book launch, I see your name, think 'Oh, that was the Houston guy, his blog looked good, I'll wander over there'.

And there they were. The shoes.

Now either this is all just a bizarre coincidence and I've just made a complete fool of myself, or this whole day is becoming so weird that I'll have to go and lie down for a bit.

Ho hum.

If it IS you, then you'll be pleased to know that my daughter now places her breakfast order by email, from her bedroom every night when she's supposed to be asleep.

Anonymous said...

congrats! looking forward to this!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bill, I believe that your website is going to become suddenly popular (if it wasn't already, of course). Because, all of us Dooce lovers are going to be checking out the folks who contributed to the book, and I can tell already that I will be checking your website daily. (You write well and have a sense of humor AND a cat. Also... love your shoe "style!") When Heather wrote that you were her man in Houston, well... I just had to go to your blog, immediately.

I enjoyed your “Bad! Kitty! Bad, Bad, Kitty!” story. I love lizards, but probably not in my bed. This is spoken by a person who doesn't live in a lizard infested place, although I feed my friend's lizards a lot. They love dandelion flowers and they run to my hand like it is the hand of God itsownself when it has dandelions in it. I pretend that really, it's ME, they love!

But... I hate it when my kitties catch anything. My vet tells me that birds caught by cats generally die, even if one rescues them, because they will develop infections where they were bitten, clawed, etc. I don't know if this is true or not. But, so sorry about the cardinal. I too am glad I don't have a cat door.

I will buy the book soon. I will try to get my favorite independent bookstore to order it and I will send the owner a link to Dooce's page. Maybe to yours, as well, since she loves cats and will be interested in Kink. And... I will send out the info to my email list and encourage everyone to buy the book.

Here's to being an author in the number one bestselling book at Amazon!!!! (I'm sure it's gonna happen.)

Oh, and Quasi, I will check out your book and hope you mention what to do about a kitten who eats the straps off of my lingerie, my purses, etc, etc, etc, and who has never seen a shoe lace he didn't absolutely love.

Jodie said...

Great stats! It's all those pre-orders from dooce readers! I can't believe how many people read her blog. I consider myself lucky that you and my therapist read mine. ;-) Congrats to you! I plan to get a copy soon. Probably on amazon... it will help your stats. Keep on blogging.... I hate waiting a month for a new post, but I'm only managing once or so per week on mine... so who am I to talk. JAZ

Anonymous said...

Thanks for introducing yourself on my blog (and for the update). Too bad we couldn't meet at the book signing but I guess NYC is a bit far for you.
Heather had mentioned the Amazon Sales Rank too - congrats. (She also said that there were probably several publishers kicking themselves in the head for not having grabbed the book while they had a chance.)