Tuesday, April 08, 2008

He Said Beer, She Said Wine

Marnie and Sam. They're speaking the same language only using different words. Or are they using the same words and speaking a different language?


This delightful book will be one you keep in your kitchen to refer to over and over. Marnie and Sam joust in the arena of food and beverage compatibility, and there are only winners. Whether you come down on the side of the beer drinkers or wine suits your delicate palate you will enjoy how Marnie and Sam approach the complicated subject of understanding the subtleties of wine and beer and how they relate to food.

First, the book explains wine and beer in clear and entertaining terms. Wine can be complex, but so can beer. Marnie and Sam step you through the process of understanding how the various taste components mix and match in both wine and beer.

Second, the book provides many Rules of Thumb without which Western Civilization as we know it would collapse. What if you are serving fish and are fresh out of chablis, but you have a crate of Corona Lite? What to do, what to do? Never fear, beer is here!

Third, there are the dinner challenges. Cook up a dinner of sirloin steak or pork chops or glazed ham. Invite your friends. Provide a sampling of beers and wine and let your guests decide which combinations go well together. It's a fun way to have a surprising evening full of banter, discussion about food and did I say fun?

He Said Beer, She Said Wine is a fun read and a great reference book. Who knew that the perfect compliment to pecan pie was Norrebro La Granja Expresso Stout? I might have guessed that in 100 years or so, but there it is right on page 203.

Finally, although I was captivated by the wealth of knowledge in this book and it's humor, I was unprepared for all the recipes in the final chapters.

Grand Marnier mousse with d'Asti wine and Frambroise beer will be on my menu soon, especially as it is strawberry season. Heavy cream and beer. Hmmm, I'll plan on going to the gym NEXT week!

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