Saturday, February 28, 2009

Short Circuit

How many of us could live without X?

Pick X.

X could be a car or a credit card or a cell phone or a computer.

For some of us X might be broadband.

I cast my thoughts back to my childhood when we mailed letters, just like Charles Darwin.

"I say, old chap, I've been observing the drainage ditch near my house and, by Jove, I think there's a new species of lizard living there!"

Three months later might come a reply.

"Sorry, old chap, but your letter got soaked in a freak rain storm and I could only read "observing lizard." Well, of course we all observe lizards so what's your point?"

And so it goes.

OK, well the point of all this is that a friend of mine carries all of the electronic gadgets known to man in her purse. Cell phone, iPod, electronic keys, Blackberry or two, backup cell phone, thumb drives and some stuff that's classified. Possibly a military grade Taser and a micro-fusion power supply.


All this stuff which was crammed into a small purse ended up at the bottom of a hotel pool.



Shorted out, as in Short Circuit.

Electronic stuff doesn't swim well and it all drowned.


Imagine what you would do if your entire electronic life fried. What would you do? You can't call for help. It's fried. You can't look up a number to call for help 'cause that's fried, too.

All you can do is ...

... order a margarita, catch some rays and watch the sunset.

Which, all things considered, is not half bad.


Anonymous said...

Military grade taser! I need one of those... maybe 2. Could use fault tolerant tasers. I'm thinking gadget shopping spree! What's that you say?... we should bury the ice cream? I don't get it.

Anonymous said...

Stop it. You're giving me nightmares.