Sunday, November 03, 2019

Fall Back

I love Fall Back.  For one reason.  I have a solid excuse for being a lazy bum and sleeping in.

"Get up you lazy bum!  It's daylight in the swamp!"

"Playing the Fall Back card!"

"Oh, OK.  Sleep tight."

See how that works.  I can only play the Fall Back card once a year but I play it with a passion.

I cope with Fall Back very well.  Living in the Jetson's time most of our clocks adjust themselves.  The only holdouts are the Oven and the Microwave.  As if I really care that either of them have a clock.  That said, they are easy to fix.  The kitchen clock will need changing, or maybe I can simply procrastinate until March when it will be back in synch.

Fall Back does not affect the cats or dog who, sadly, have resisted all attempts to teach them how to tell time.  They go by the Sun and their stomachs.  It's light, I'm hungry.  

The only thing about Fall Back that freaks me out is Darkness at Six.  Here it is 6 PM, about the time I should start cooking dinner for a 7:30-8:00 serving and I've got things on.  OMG, we'll be eating at 7 at this rate!  Messes up the entire evening.  On the bright side I'll be complaining about Spring Forward in no time at all.  No time at all.

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