Friday, November 01, 2019

NaBloPoMo 2019

National Blog Posting Month 2019

The challenge is to post something every day in November.  I've been successful a few times, a slacker in other years.

Here's to 2019, the Year of Doing It Rite.

First, the news.

Q the Cat completed his first year as a rescued cat gaining 15 pounds in the process.  He has transformed from an adorable kitten to an adorable cat.

About Mr. Q.

Mr. Q as a 1.5 pound kitten of 8 weeks was thrown out of the window of a slowly moving car on the freeway.  Tossed out like a McNuggets wrapper.  Splat.  On the asphalt.  Fortunately for Mr. Q our neighbor was driving nearby, saw the incident, stopped her car (on a freeway!), and at great peril to herself scooped up the crying kitten and took it home.  However, she owned big dogs and couldn't keep a kitten even overnight, so she brought him to us.

"Can you keep this kitten tonight and take him to the shelter in the morning?"

We took one look at the tuxedo kitten with big eyes, trembling, and made a snap decision.

No, we'll give that kitten a home.  And, we did.

We call Q the Thousand Dollar Cat because that's what it cost us in vet bills to get him de-flea'd, dipped for ringworm, shots, neutering and all that stuff.  He was worth every penny.

Q is short for "resCUE."  Some of our friends accuse us of being fanatical Star Trek fans and naming him after the immortal Q, but, no.  It's just Q.

We knew it was the right decision when we made it.  It didn't need a lot of discussion.  Q lucked out and so did we.

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