Sunday, November 10, 2019

Wake-Up Call

Every morning I get a wake-up call by this guy, Q the Cat.

Q is our rescue cat, "res CUE" being the origin of his name.

I give Mr. Q a lot of deference because of the hard life and near death experience he had as a kitten.  Mr. Q is special and I treat him specially.

Q has always been a hungry cat and he get's hungry some time between midnight and 6 AM.  He will let me know that he's ready for chow by a nip to the elbow or a gentle paw to my head.

If anything, Q is very polite.  He paws me or nips me gently letting me know he's up for some Tuna.

Of course, I respond.  It's become a nightly ritual for a YEAR!  I get up, have a drink of water, stumble around to find the cat food, feed Q and go back to bed.  He never bugs me after that.

I don't begrudge Q's nocturnal habits.  After all, Q had a hard life and nearly died at the hands of uncaring, despicable people.  It is my honor to give the little guy some Kat Fud in the dead of night.

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