Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Claire Contemplates Nutmeg Nirvana

Fondue in preparation. We used the power grater rather than the Popeye Method.

Sarah, who laughed uproariously at Claire's underestimation of nutmeg's potency and overestimation of its quantity, was reminded of the time, early in her cooking career, when she said, and I quote:

Daddddd, we're out of salt!

Whadda you mean we're out of salt. I just bought enough salt to last a year.

Dadddd, the recipe calls for two CUPS of salt. We don't have enough!

Sarah, my sweetie, tee-ess-pee is Teaspoon. Cee-you-pee is, well, we won't go into that right now.

Someday I'd like to cook for enough people where I'd use a recipe that calls for Two Cups of Salt. Yeah, that would be cool.

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