Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Hotel California

Fondue Feast!

They stabbed it with their steely knives but the could not kill the nutmeg.

Now, that would have been a great line. What were the Eagles thinking? One thing's for sure, they weren't eating Cheese Fondue!

Claire, Helen and Sarah poised before the kill.

Fondue Predictions. The following comments will be heard, according to Carnac:

Ow! I burned my tongue!

Dad, you have a string of cheese hanging in your beard! Gross!

Hey, that was my piece of bread! I was looking at it first!

Get the cat away from the fire!

My bread fell off in the pot!

Eyoouuu, what's this?

Are you going to eat that?

...and finally...

Yum, that was good! What's for dinner?

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