Monday, December 27, 2004

What a fondue party!

Who knew? Who knew fondue would be such a coo?

Fun was had by all at the 3rd annual MS Tulsa Holiday Party. In previous years, we've shared a meal at the local Shogun's, or a spred of yummy appetizers at a collegues house. On Twelve TuTu, 2004, we started a new tradition with fondue as the main attraction. It may be the required at all future holiday parties because of this year's success!

We gathered around the dining room table, all a bit unsure of what to do. Some of us had never been to a fondue party, while others hadn't been to one since the 70's, with very little memory of the anything more than "dipping." So we all watched and studied the people around us to figure out the precise technique for fonduing. (Is that a verb? Well it is now).

We managed to figure it out just fine. Most were inpsired by the comments early in the night about if the men dropped their fondue item in the pot they must buy a round of drinks for everyone at the party and if the women did they must kiss all the men at the party. Although neither of these idle threats were carried out, it made for some very interactive fonduing!

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