Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Pyranha Fondue


I wonder what it would be like if pyranha ate fondue? Do they have the patience to grate the cheese, heat the wine, melt the cheese, chop the bread and set the table? What's their tolerance for nutmeg and Kirsch? (I know mine. Think small. Very small. Nanoscale.)

How would they hold fondue forks? In their little teeth or in their little fins? Would they take turns or all dive in at once.

Tonight, we ran that simulation using a household of normally normal people. Presented with a dilemma:

So many forks. So many chunks of freshly-baked-in-the-proper-kind-of-pan bread. And a batch of lightly nutmegged Kirsch-free melted cheese.

The result: civilization did not prevail.

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