Thursday, March 13, 2008

Gas Resolved

If my daughter ever came up to me and said, "Daddy, I'm going to marry a plumber," I would give her my blessing in a New York second.

We have been associated with a plumbing company for about 10 years and they've always been there for us when things backed up, broke, leaked, caught fire, bubbled, gurgled or just didn't work.

Always. Professionally.

I love my plumber, although that admission might make him uneasy.

We concluded the Great Gas Project today and fixed a couple of other gas-related problems in one fell swoop. Now, the gas fireplaces are functioning and we have gas to the cooktop which we thought we were going to have to replace with electric.

Our plumber said, "We can do it," and he did, threading a coiled, stainless steel pipe through a narrow opening to bypass the leak and restore gas to our center island cooker. It was a difficult job and even I pitched in to help by holding cable, lights, tools and coffee.

Thanks to our plumber we have heat in the house, hot water and a cooking surface.

I heart my plumber.


Anonymous said...

I found in life there are a few people that are great to have as friends. A plumber, an electrician, a mechanic for no good one can be found in an emergency. Bribe them, feed them, pay them well and keep them happy.

Beverly said...

Nice to meet you, found you on Dooce's place. Since she doesn't open comments to often, I thought you would tell her hello for me. Just kidding, I cannot wait to read what you say in her book.
And I live in Memphis, her

Anonymous said...

I love my plumber too!! He's my husband! :)

And well, he's a better person and father and husband than he is plumber, quite honestly. but he's free of charge and i tip him with kisses. :)

Found u thru Dooce by the way. cute pic of you 2!

Anonymous said...

My dad was a plumber. Yeah, he could fix anything too!