Wednesday, March 12, 2008



Last week we had a special dinner with special friends in Austin.

We dined at Roy's.

Roy's is billed as Hawaiian Fusion which means, I think, a merging of Southwest and Hawaiian cuisine. Shoot me, Roy, if I'm all that wrong.

The combination of seafood fused with spicy southwest flavor, however, is indisputably good evoking thoughts of "I want to have Roy's baby" from around the restaurant.

The decor was subdued and we were offered a corner table away from the raucous bar, suitable for conversation. It was perfect. Roy's specializes in ESP, apparently, because our table was just right. We could enjoy the sights and sounds of the restaurant, but still enjoy intimate conversation amongst ourselves.

We started with Lobster Pot Stickers (not pictured) which were served on a long rectangular tray artistically decorated with spicy miso butter sauce.

This was followed with entrées of butterfish and sablefish. Artfully presented, the meals were served on large, square, heated plates and accompanied by an interesting medley of vegetables and sushi rice.

Desert was ordered when I made the reservations on-line: melting hot chocolate soufflé.

I ordered four.

Four were eaten.

There were no doggie bags.

Melted Hot Chocolate Soufflé

Dooce not tempted! Not at all. Not even a little bit. Not even to the point of licking the plate. Nope. She's a rock!


divrchk said...

Roy's is my favorite restaurant. I've been to 4 different ones in Hawaii but my favorite location so far is the one at the Spanish Bay Inn on 17 Mile Drive in Carmel, CA. You can't beat the view and the food is divine.

Tracy said...

I'm a little jealous that you are friends with Heather. I have read her blog for a couple of years now, and I heart Dooce!

Congrats on being published in her upcoming anthology!

Anonymous said...

Your dinner description was making me very smiley, and then I realized why. It is a great restaurant, and that dessert is heavenly.

Congratulations on your essay in the book. Looking forward to reading it. :)

Jodie said...

I think I first found your blog from dooce! I don't remember because both of you are on my favorite blogs list. Glad that you got to have dinner at Roy's. We love the Roy's here in Plano. Wish I could have been in Austin instead was at the hospital. Husband had a couple heart attacks on 3/3-4. He's home now and doing OK, started rehab today. :-) It would be cool to meet you and Heather and Jon. I'm a beginner blogger now myself. *Jodie*