Wednesday, March 05, 2008

New E Key

You don't need another laptop.

How many times have I heard that? How many?

It's not about "need." It's about keeping up with the Jones.

Like, Basketball Jones, I got a Laptop Jones.

So, to cut to the chase, the new Key of E arrived this morning, a day earlier than I expected.

I ordered it on-line Saturday, it shipped Monday from Shanghai, China. It arrived in Anchorage, Alaska yesterday and arrived on my doorstep this morning at 9:19 A.M.

Custom laptop, built, shipped and delivered from Shanghai, China in four days.

How much further can the World shrink?

I was enjoying my morning coffee, reading the newspaper when the FedEx truck pulled up outside. I know the sound of the FedEx truck; quite different from the UPS truck. The FedEx guy, Ali, knows me by name.

"You bought another laptop," Ali stated in an accusatory tone, "I just brought you a laptop not that long ago."

"It was two years, Ali," I replied as gently as I could while signing his tablet manifest, "Two years. 2006. Eons ago."

Ali pondered as I handed him the manifest. "We'll be having this conversation in 2010, won't we?"

"Count on it," I replied. At that moment the phone rang. "Hey, thanks, Ali, but I've got to take that call. It's probably Hillary, again."


Tom said...

Nice send old laptop and Wii to Sarah Farr...Rocklin, CA...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'd be happy to take that old one off your hands. I'm able to offer you um, my soul, as compensation. Either that or a sandwich. Your choice!

Former Novice Alaskan said...

If I had only known it was coming through town, we would have added a care package! Do screechy hard disk noises constitute the need for a new laptop???

April said...

well I haven't had such good luck with shipping----waiting over a week for a small brick-sized box from NY
you're lucky

Akkire said...

how much is a slim little laptop like those?

i need a laptop but dont ever seem to have the extra cash to spare.

beadbabe49 said...

How can you possibly justify two laptops when there are poor people in Oregon who have to make do with a single huge desktop computer???
Have you no shame?
(so...whaja get? how fast does it go, huh?)