Wednesday, January 05, 2005

5 5 No Cook


I wrote the New Year for the first time today and I need to work on my 5's. I had a pretty cool 4 going by November and I hope to get the 5 figured out by at least February. My worst number is 8. I suffered all through the 80's and 1988 just about killed me and by November of that year I was sure that I'd developed some variant of carpal tunnel syndrome typlified by writing 8's that look like dehydrated paramecia. The 90's were pretty cool, except for 1998 which started off strong but ended looking dehydrated, and the new millenium is absolutely killer. Sometimes I do my 0's upside down just to be different and to see if anybody's paying attention. So far, I'm getting away with it.

Pei Wei cooked tonight. I don't know what it was but I was able to eat it with chopsticks and I have a theory that everything tastes good, by definition, eaten with chopsticks. OK, if I had to guess I'd say we had beef lo mein, Mongolian beef, spiced chicken, shrimp with orange peel and salted edamame.

That's just a guess.

Don't forget the tsunami donations. Thanks!

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Andrew Purvis said...

Someone names Pei Wei cooked, and you have a problem with the number 8? Oh my! Best not tell her that. The name sounds suspiciously Chinese, and Chinese airlines are loving the idea of ordering the forthcoming 787 because of that lucky number.