Saturday, January 15, 2005

Meatie Zeetie

Meatie Zeetie has its roots in the posting a few days ago on Spag sauce. We never chow down enough to eat up all the spag. If Day Two was great on the Spag front then Day Three should be gorgeous. Yes, Mommy is gorgeous. Oh, sorry, wrong film. That was from Kill Bill 2 which had nothing to do with Meatie Zeetie although I think many of the actors would be alive today if they had sat themselves down to a meal of Meatie Zeetie instead of cutting themselves into sausage links with samuari swords.

Wouldn't we all.

So, Meatie Zeetie has its roots a the Spaghetti Warehouse which was Claire's favorite place unil she discovered Cafe Adobe, Carrabas Italian Grill, PF Changs and a dozen other restaurants.

Here's the blueprint: spag sauce, pasta, cheese, baked.

The perfect food. If an avocado was composed of spag sauce, pasta, cheese and baked it would be the perfect food. People who call the avocado the perfect food are imbalanced psychopaths and should be avoided at all costs.

Serve it hot, warm or cold; with a side salad or not; with garlic bread or not. Meatie Zeetie is very forgiving. For the pasta we tend to use ziti (Oh, geeze, I get it now!) but we've been guilty of using up any pasta we have like a quarter bag of. Sometimes the Zeetie is bowtie, elbow, twisty, shells and funny colors. Cheese varies, too. Rat cheese, mozzarella, Swiss, pepper and not goat.

"Why'd you put goat cheese in my Meatie Zeetie, Dad?", Claire the inquisitor inquired.

"I don't know", I whimpered, "because I'm a bad person?"

"Oh, Dad, you're not a bad person. You're my favorite person", intoned Claire. Then she got up from the table, took five steps and collapsed on the couch in front of the TV.

Or was that Kill Bill 2?

So confusing.

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Amy said...

Aren't you happy I now get the Kill Bill 2 references? You are quite a lively writer. And funny.