Saturday, January 01, 2005

Woot Longhorns and Mr. Plow!

Happy New Year, 2005!

Woo Hoo to the University of Texas Longhorns defeating the University of Michigan Wolverines in the Rose Bowl tonight 38-37. It came down to a field goal kicker. Imagine the pressure on a 20-year old kid, all the marbles on the line.

12TuTuFondue represents alumni from both schools. Everybody's a winner, although I'm glad to see my tuition dollars going to a worthy cause; UT that is.

New Year's Eve was celebrated in style here at Fondue Central Houston. Seafood gumbo, jalapeno corn bread and black eyed peas with ham were on the menu along with generous quantities of pinot noir, champagne and Corona. 2004 ended in true couch potato style watching the Twilight Zone marathon on the SciFi channel (the only marathon this blogger is going to run for a while!) and The Simpson's on DVD - the Christmas Specials.

Woot for Mr. Plow.

Recipes. I once told Joe that I had found a great new recipe for corn bread and Joe said "Cornbread has a recipe?" That simple statement, though, is the essence of cornbread. It does not have a recipe. It has a feel. Feel the Cornbread, Luke. Gumbo is the same. Any recipe is at best a guide.

More later.

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