Friday, January 07, 2005

Silver Turtles

Posting for January 7th.

Silver turtles otherwise known as foil meals.

I "discovered" silver turtles teaching Scouts how to cook for the first time. A requirement is for them to cook something over an open fire. Silver turtles are perfect for this.

Take some heavy duty foil. Put whatever you want to cook in it. Fold it up, heat it up, serve it up.

One of our standards is to take some potatoes, slice them up. Take an onion, slice it up. Alternate the potato slices with onion slices. It forms a long potato-onion log. Surround the potato/onion thing with carrots, zucchini, corn or any combination of veggie you like, or no veggies at all. Season to taste. Seal the foil and roast in an oven or on the grill for 30-40 minutes. It's very forgiving.

The key to foil cooking is to seal the packet properly. This enables steam to cook the food. You can also cook meats, chicken, fish, shrimp and rice.

What's great about foil cooking is that you can prepare your veggie dish in advance, put it in the grill while it's warming up and leave it there while you cook the main course.

And, clean-up is a snap. Wad up the foil and you're done.

Can you do foil meals in an oven? Absolutely! It tastes the same, too. Wrap it up, toss it in, serve it up.

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