Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Not the Birthday!


"Not the Mama!" If you weren't there 1991-1994, well, you missed it. What can I say?

Sarah provided culinary delights for Not the Birthday slaving away to produce a most excellent carrot cake and spaghetti Bolognaise.

Large pot with a little water.
Chopped tomatoes (can or box)
tomato paste
Onion, chopped, sauted
Hamburger, sauted
Fresh mushrooms, sliced or whole
2-3 rashers bacon, sauted
red wine
head of garlic, crushed
dried onion flakes
black pepper
beef stock cube (Knorr)
Cook for a couple of hours, adjust water, seasoning as necessary.

Alter ingredients to whim: red pepper flakes, Italian sausage, red or green bell pepper (or both), more red wine, Worcestershire sauce.

Don't alter cooking time. Two hours simmer minimum. Actually, best reheated after day in the refrigerator.

In other news, before it gets lost in the shuffle, please visit the Tsunami link in the Recent Posts column. Thanks.

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