Sunday, January 16, 2005

Cat 1, Man 0

Cats have a sixth sense that lets them know exactly where you want to sit next, with about five minutes advance notice that gives them a headstart. The cat can, and does, sleep in about 40 places in our house: couch, stairs, kid's bedrooms, front rug by the window where the sunlight comes in, back porch, flower bed, car hood...well, you get the idea; about 22 more places than those mentioned. The cat is king when it comes to sleeping places.

About once a week the cat decides that the computer chair is the best spot in the house. The cat decides this about five minutes before I show up to pay the bills, work on a website or surf the web. Forty places and the cat decides to hunker down his furry carcass in my chair right when I'm about to hunker down my furry carcass in the same chair.

"Why are you sitting like that?"

"Like what?"

"Like that, all perched on the end of the chair about to fall off. Looks uncomfortable."

I point over my shoulder and down. "Cat."

"Well, now we know who's boss." The taunt hangs in the air like day old tuna breath.

I stand up, stretch, yawn and say to nobody in particular, "I think I'll go downstairs and sit by the fire in my favorite chair, the Blogorium. Might even take a nap there. But, first I need to file these papers."

It worked. Thirty seconds later the cat quietly hops off the computer chair and heads downstairs. Heh, heh, heh, the chair is mine. Mine!

After a few minutes of filing papers I sashay over to the computer chair savoring sweet victory which...

...turns to bile as the sneaky, orange ingrate is just settling in. He looks up at me, blinks a couple of times and falls asleep.


"Why are you sitting like that?"

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