Thursday, August 25, 2005

Alive Again

Thank you Mary I'm alive again!

Mary's comment down below had to do with cooking eggplant and she remarked to make a salad dressing your-own-damn-self and by golly that woke me up!

Yes, we made our own damn self salad dressings for years. Then we got lazy and started buying Newman's Own which isn't bad plus the profits go to good causes. (We'll continue to believe that.)

Last night I made a simple salad out of romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, avocado and French feta cheese. Opening the fridge for the Newman's Own Italian I was greeted with an empty shelf.

Hmmmm, look, look, look and no Newman's. Shelf is bare. No bone for the dog. We're out.


OK, Plan B was to get the two-cup measure, dump in some good olive oil, Japanese rice wine vinegar, fresh basil from the garden, salt, pepper, a pinch of Coleman's dry mustard and whisk into an emulsion. Pour on salad. Toss.

Rave reviews.

"Whoa, Dad-0, what did you do to this salad? It's great!"

"crunch yum snarf good chomp snarf snarf salad chomp"

"Did Newman's change their recipe? This is REALLY good, like, REALLY good. chomp-snarf-gnash"

Yeah, there was a reason we made our own dressings. Control the ingredients, salt, acidity, oil.

Oh, and rave reviews. Somehow that makes it all worthwhile.

Sorry, Paul, we're going to be not lazy for a while.

Thanks, Mary, for waking me up. And, yes, you're on the Internet. You're famous!


Shirley said...

It's been a while since I made my own salad dressing. Thanks for reminding me how good it can be!

Smarta said...

My mom used to always make her own dressing. She still does, and whenever I make a salad for guest, and crudely imitate her mastery, everyone raves. Whooda known!