Sunday, August 14, 2005

Pleased as Punch

In no particular order the problem I had downloading from iTunes the soundtrack to Kill Bill 2 got resolved all by itself, even after I spent hours pouring over permissions and trying this and that. Suddenly, it just downloaded big as you please.

And, second, Sarah has returned from Ismir, Turkey, having spent the summer at Space Camp Turkey.

Well, I guess the second eclipses the first!

How cool is that? Sarah arranged her summer job, spent the summer in Turkey visiting Greece along the way, and making friends with students throughout the region including Bulgaria and Turkey. I hardly know where Bulgaria is and Sarah has friends there. How cool is that?

When I was Sarah's age I was pumped to have friends in New Mexico! I probably couldn't have afforded a stamp to Bulgaria.

We're keen to hear her stories, but she'll have to get some sleep first!

Updates later.


Anonymous said...

What an exciting experience for Sarah! I have a good friend from Turkey and have always wanted to visit there. I have wonderful memories of my visit to Greece. Lucky Sarah!


The Story Teller said...

Holy Cow, that makes me want to travel now! I traveled as a youngster, to the beach and back, lol, I wish I had done something more resourceful with my time and money. That sounds great!

Anonymous said...

Sarah sounds like my sister... Always spending her free time or college vacations managing to travel to amazing places and find interesting summer jobs.

I worked in a cough syrup factory on my college brakes. Stupid, stupid, me.

Keep it up Sarah. The rest of us losers are rooting for you!