Thursday, August 04, 2005

Microsoft Food

Can you imagine if Microsoft controlled your food?

Whoa, well I've been eating MSFT chow for a few days now and it's pretty good.

I need another posting to make the selections clear, etc. and I'll do that soon.

Meanwhile, Seattle is like Phoenix to live. Sunny, clear skies, cool temps. What a wonderful place! And the Microsoft Campus to boot!

Oh, Nirvana.


schmims said...

The REI in Seattle is the best!

kilowatthour said...

if microsoft controlled our food, i think it might be delightfully functional, yet slightly overbearing.

Anonymous said...

My fiance worked for MSFT for six years before moving out here to Sacramento to be with me. He's love to be in your shoes.

BTW I lived in MESA AZ, it's nothing like Seattle. You must have cat the couple of sunny days it has. :)

Anonymous said...

opps didn't sign my name for that above comment