Thursday, December 29, 2005


We’ve been in Austin the past couple of days. That statement doesn’t excuse the lack of postings on this blog because we enjoy a very broadband, wireless experience in Austin and, in fact, can connect to eight totally open networks in our condo.

Such nice people to let us surf the Internet on their dime, so to speak. And, you know, I’m really sorry for that couple across the hall who got hauled away by the FBI for accessing that sensitive website. Hey, I was only curious!

Anyway, I decided to secure our wireless network so I gave it some weird name I can never remember, but, fortunately, my Macintosh remembers and reminds me that I’m about to connect to “that weird network” and is that OK. Yeah, that’s OK.

Austin, Texas is a cool town because it’s three things at once:

1. It’s a university town, University of Texas. Woo Hoo, go Longhorns! Rose Bowl, 2006! Wooooooo, Bevo!
2. It’s the State Capital and has lots of cool stuff to do like the Capitol and museums and libraries and stuff like that.
3. It’s a restaurant mecca with cuisines out the wazoo.

We took advantage of all three. First, we cruised though the UT campus several times trying not to run down engineering students who had a habit of reading textbooks in crosswalks. What’s up with that?

Second, we avoided all the museums because once you’ve seen a stuffed Davy Crockett, you’ve seen them all.

And, third, we took advantage of every Mexican restaurant Austin has to offer, except for Taco Bell and Jack in the Box.

On the third point I’ll mention Trudy’s in particular.

Trudy’s, on 30th street just off Guadeloupe is located in a rambling house, and full of students, faculty and Austin glitterati.

We, of course, fell into the ultimate category.

Offered a table in the centre of the restaurant, we quickly downed a couple of the house margaritas before our dinners arrived. The margaritas were not diluted with mixture, rather represented the tequila appropriately.

Maybe too appropriately.

Dinner was, thankfully, a reasonable proportion of food. That is to say not a Houston Papadeaux quantity: enough to feed a navy.

The smoked chicken enchiladas were tender and flavorful and the chicken chipotle was tangy and interesting.

A lovely dinner in a vibrant restaurant.

Later that evening was the following conversation:

“Hey, at Trudy’s did you notice that couple across from us?”

“You mean the striking blonde about 5’10”, 130 lbs., possibly of German descent but definitely Northern European, with the way-too-tight eggshell white top, wearing grey ski pants, thong, red pumps and no socks, with the guy who was, like, four times her age?”

“No, the family with the baby!”

“Uh, no.”

Austin. Can’t wait to go back!


Antique Mommy said...

Austin -- where you go to school to get a PHD and then take a job driving a bus (or working at Trudy's) just so you can stay in Austin. Love that town.

Anonymous said...

We were there in March 04 for a wedding, and I was ready to move, just so I could have migas tacos for breakfast every morning.

Then a local reminded me that it was March, and that Austinians spend most of their summers sweltering in the 100s. Oyf.

Anonymous said...

OOH! And the LAKE and the hole in the wall with the great banana-nut pancakes and the music scene and Mad Dog and Beans' milkshakes (gone forever) and ...

And can I go back to school?

Tom said...

Ahhh, the taste of sauteed kangaroo meat tacos on my tongue...I just acquired reservations at 4 star El Jacko in the Boxo. mmm

Anonymous said...

finally, i'm not the first flappin poster on your blog.

first. you are a shameless hussy
the blonde lady, er woman. first of all she is anorexic, so rather than oogle her you should have lectured her about eating disorders.

secondly, i just lost my train of thought. oh, i just got it back. yesh
did you notice how vividly you remembered everything the hussy was wearing, but i bet you can't tell me what your WIFE was wearing? men are like that. not that i don't like men. some of them smell good, and have lots of money.

were the students in the crosswalks smelling their textbooks too?

i've been to austin, when i was a teenager. that was but a couple of years ago. i remember the alamo. thats about it. and i remember the freaking awesome steak they had there. but i don't remember any nasty blonde ladies with eating disorders. so just because they choose to wear thong panties doesn't mean we all want to KNOW ABOUT IT. why do they advertise those things, they want us to know their NAUGHTY? duh.

i prefer to advertise my mens briefs, hanging out of the back of my pants. why, oh why do the waistlines have to be so low these days.

Bret said...

I feel like Boon in Animal House.

"Alamo? Austin?"

"Forget it, she's on a roll."

Anonymous said...

Man, you totally forgot the 6th street. It Rocks!!!!And I love Trudys...