Saturday, December 17, 2005

Free Bird

“Where you at?”

“I’m about 5 minutes from home. Just coming into the neighborhood.”

Much later…

“Where you at?”

“Almost home.”

“You said that 20 minutes ago. Where you been?”

Long pause.

“Free Bird.”

“The long version?”


“Was that you driving by the house three times?”


“What part did you get?”

“Rhythm air guitar.”

“So, that was you driving by the house, batting the steering wheel, eyes closed, like a lunatic strumming an air guitar.”


“Steering with your knees?”


“Singing too loud?”


“Well, where are you now?”

“In the driveway.”

“Should I come get you?”

“No. I’ll cool down in a few minutes and come in on my own.”

Free Bird. It should be a Controlled Substance.


Bret said...

Free Bird? Way overrated. Could've used more cowbell.

Define irony: a bunch of idiots dancing on a plane to a song made famous by a band that died in a plane crash.

Anonymous said...

yeah, more cowbell. but seriously, did blue oyster cult do that one? i kind of don't like that song, because of the longevity.

so bill, are you on vacation right now? cause you are posting like a mad man.

Foo said...

"Free Bird" holds some fond memories for me, but I've never broken into a guitar or drum solo over it.

But I have my weaknesses. I won't bore you with the complete list—maybe that would make a good tag topic for Susie—but my #1 would have to be Mountain's "Missippi Queen".

Susie: if you're reading, I do believe it has some kickin' cowbell. I never really made a point of it since I'm usually stretching the strings or pounding the skins.

Bret: Ooo-oooo that smell...

Foo said...

Addendum: Susie, "Don't Fear The Reaper" may be BOC's most well-known song, but "Godzilla" is the one that will have you taking that extra turn around the block playing air guitar.

I don't recall whether or not there's any cowbell.

Brian said...

Been there done that.

Bret said...

Back atcha', Foo. Just give me three steps.

Merry Christmas to Bill and both of his audience.