Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy Old Mac

New Year’s Eve and it’s time to fire up the old Macintosh Plus for its annual countdown. The old Mac turns 20 in March; still going strong. I start it up once a year just for the countdown.

The Mac booted up just fine displaying the charming message “Welcome to Macintosh” and displayed the date: 12/31/ 5. The time was a little off, but easily corrected.

We’ll spend the evening playing some of the old games on the tiny, 9-inch black-and-white screen.

Ah, the simpler times.

Take that you pesky Daleks!

Happy New Year to all of you and here’s to 2006, Daleks and all.


Denise said...

That's cool! I hope it keeps going strong for another 20.

Anonymous said...

well, i don't really understand the dalecks thing. but thats okay. i remember our first apple computer. it had 8 mg of hard drive on that baby. whoaaaaaa, super duper fast. we splurged, and upgraded to 16 mg. then things were really flying. then we tried to go online. dial up AOL. i'll never forget sitting there, watching the screen appear, one line at a time. we cancelled internet. those were the days. oh, yes.

happy days will be just around the corner, in 2006. enjoy your night, and remember. just so long as you never have no in your heart, things are gonna happen for you.

Bente said...

Happy New Year Bill!

Lifewish said...

Dalek games? Macs as old as I am? I feel so young...

Which is a good thing - third year of uni makes one feel generally decrepit. I swear that my alcohol tolerance is dropping at a noticeable rate :-/

Lifewish said...

Btw, Lifewish == Corkscrew from PT. Someone got to my usual nickname before I did :'(

Bret said...

A toast to your Mac Plus! I purchased one of the original 128K Macs during my one laughable year of grad school. Got it at Apple's educational discount prices, which made only laughably priced (over $2000 for a machine with 128K of memory and one 400K diskette drive), because I sat through a MacPaint demo and was absolutely mesmerized by the eraser tool mowing down pixels like a wolverine with a mission.

Moved to a Mac Plus a couple years later, and what a great machine it was. No matter how bad the day was, all I had to do was flip on the switch and a happy, smiling computer would greet me to wash all my troubles away.

Simpler times, playing Leisure Suit Larry and listening to Flock of Seagulls, who I believe are appearing at the Bartlesville Civic Center this weekend. Happy new year, Bill.

Anonymous said...

Happy new year! May 2006 be full of flavor! ;)