Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Fantasy Meets Reality

First, the news.

Twelve Two Two Fondue II is less than 24 hours away.

Host your own fondue party on December 22, to celebrate Twelve Two Two.

With that Claire and I went shopping for dinner and stuff for the party. After buying a Christmas tree and libations we ended up at the Kroger’s.

“Where’s the Old Hand?” Claire whispered.

“Nobody sees the Old Hand, Claire,” I replied, “he’s like Bigfoot or the Yeti. Mysterious, but there when you need him.”

“What about Carlos?”

“I haven’t seen Carlos, oh, wait, there he is!”

Sure enough, Carlos was just getting off shift and heading out the door.

“He’s cute.”

“If you like ruthless,” I recollected our past encounters.

“You know,” Claire continued, “this is a nice place, Kroger’s that is.”

I had to agree. Aside from the electrocution events of this summer my shopping experience had been, on the whole, positive.

Snapping back to reality I sprung into action.

“Claire, we have a fondue party to get ready for! We need a 100 pounds of cheese and fifty bottles of wine!”

We grabbed two shopping carts each and headed into the store. Victory would be ours.


Anonymous said...

okay, it seems like i'm always the first one to comment on your posts. this says something about me. and i think that something is: i blog too much. oh, look, there's a sink full of dirty dishes, how can this be, i'll never be ready for the fondue party. but i have no one to invite! everyone is going to think i'm crazy when i send in pictures of me and 4 pets. oh well, at least we only need one fondue fork, and they can just lap up the cheese with their tongues.

Shalee said...

50 bottles of wine?! I was born into the wrong family... God has a wry sense of humor with me...

Are taking applicant's for adoption? I'm pretty sure I would fit into your family. I'm screwed up, too... and I can bag like a mad woman. Or, if you'd rather, to reclaim your title, I'll help you by distracting Carlos while you make your way back to being the ulitimate sacker and regain your parking space of honor as the unbeatable Sackmeister.

Just give it a thought, would ya?