Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Global Fondue Event

Public Safety Announcement

Christmas season or not I’m going to install moron-seeking rockets on my car, and I’m going to use them. If you resemble that remark then you might consider staying off the roads for the next few days because I’ve got one nerve left and you’re standing on it.

Thank you for your attention, short span and all.

Seven days and counting

It’s a party!

You’re all invited!

Yes, everyone. All of you. Even you who are reading this now.

Here’s the blueprint.

Fondue Party
Twelve Two Two Fondue II
December 22, 2005
7pm local time
At Your House
RSVP 12tutufondue

Send me pictures and descriptions of your party as it’s happening and I’ll post them on the site throughout the day. Here’s the address:


People from all over the World have replied with plans for hosting their own parties. Join in the fun.

Check out the original entry for this blog on December 20, 2004, A Fondue Happening.


schmims said...

I don't even know what Fondue is!

Anonymous said...

send a rocket toward schmims.

sounds like you had a close encounter of the vehicular type? you would love it here. the norm, drive 5 miles UNDER the speed limit at all times. i want some rockets.

guess i'll have to purchase a fondue pot. or perhaps we could use something we have on hand. ???

Bill said...

I think any pot would do. The trick is keeping it warm/hot. A crock pot would probably work for serving. Half the fun is experimenting!

Foo said...

Re: moron-seeking rockets.

I'm glad to know it's not just me.

Think back on the '57 Chevy Belaire. Remember those big, black rubber cones built into the front bumper? The ones that look like the nose cones of... oh, let's just say moron-seeking rockets.

And while I'm thinking of retrofits, the two chrome jets nestled in grooves on the hood could be replaced with a pair of .50 caliber machine guns.

Surplus military hardware is hard to come by (I imagine) and '57 Chevys more so. That's why I've taken to saying a little prayer before starting out on my commute. I ask for patience, quick reflexes, and protection from wingnuts.

It seems to be helping.

Anonymous said...

I saw this late, but I am so having fondue tomorrow!