Sunday, November 07, 2010

Ham Ribs Part 2

"Ham ribs is a term we never want to hear again."

Yes, Dear.

I dunno, I like salt. I thought EVERYBODY liked salt! Hey, pass the salt. I've heard that forever and even said it myself a few million times. Salt of the Earth. Old salt. Salty language, even. It's everywhere, why not in pork ribs?

"What am I ever to do with these ham ribs?"

I had a suggestion, but thought better of it. For once.

"Shove them in the ... fridge ... for now and I'll figure something out."

It turns out the solution was right under our noses. A wonderful breakfast treat, ham hash with jalapenos topped with a sunny side up egg. With toast.

Here's the blueprint:

2-3 ham ribs, deboned
1 potato
1 onion
1 jalapeno

Chop it all up and sauté it in butter or oil until the potatoes are cooked. Add pepper to taste, but NO SALT! Cook up an egg and serve the hash with the egg on top. Fork it all down as fast as you can.

It was so good I'm thinking about making ham ribs again.\

What's that, dear, over whose dead body?

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