Thursday, November 11, 2010

OMG, Roy's!!!!


Roy's Hawaiian Fusion restaurant in Austin has CLOSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I need more exclamation points!!!!!!!!!

Oh, this is a tragedy! Where will I get lobster sauce pot stickers? Where will I get volcano chocolate soufflé? Where will I get such S A T I F A C T I O N ? ? ?

I am so sad. What has the world come to?


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marci said...

That soufflé recipe is available on line, and is really super easy to make at home. The only hard part is that it has to be refrigerated overnight before baking, so you have to wait 24 hours to have the dessert you're craving now. I bake it in ramekins or disposable mini tart pans since I don't have the ring molds, and it always turns out wonderfully.