Wednesday, February 23, 2005


iWatched the FedEx website every day this week because something iOrdered was en route. iLove package tracking sites because it's like a little drama. iCan visualize the product leaving the factory, speeding it's way to Bakersfield, then to Memphis, then to Atlanta, down to New Orleans, over to Dallas, down to the Stafford Distribution Center and finally, at long last, the best three words in the English language: Out For Delivery.

Woo Hoo! (doing the End Zone Dance)

Today iSaw those magical words on the FedEx website and iCouldn't wait to get home to claim my prize. iWas especially anxious to get my hands on this particular morsel of new technology because in a fit of madness iHad committed myself to run in a 10k race this weekend. iHoped to sport the latest love of my life as iShuffled along pretending to be a runner and not an outpatient.

Actually, iNeed to find an iA chapter very, very soon.

iPodaholics Anonymous.

Nobody *needs* four iPods. iF you know someone with eight ears let me know and I'll amend that statement. But, there you have it. The pody count is as follows: 1 Original with a real wheel; 1 New 'n' Improved with a touch wheel; 2 Shuffles, brand spanking new, right out of the box, not a day old. His and Hers.

iWasn't sure that a Shuffle was my kind of music player, but iConvinced myself that, after all, iListen to the radio and iDon't control the playlist. Radio's OK. But what settled the issue for me was the little control that lets you shuffle the play list or play it straight through. Best of both worlds, iThought.

iThought right.

So, i'M good to go...almost. iNeed to build my 10k playlist. ZZ Top to get me started, some Pat Benatar to keep me going and Mozart's Requiem Mass to finish me off. That would be the play list straight through. Shuffle would have ZZ Top playing the final movement of Mozart's Requiem.

Sanctus! Sanctus! Sanctus, I'm Nationwide!

Hmmmm, could work...could work...

iLet you know on Monday.


Amy said...

I hope you enjoy your iShuffle. How fun! 10k? Are you serious? Have you been training?

Andrew Purvis said...

iAlmost bought one a couple days ago, but they only had the 512k, not the 1MB. Then again, we lack the money for even that (unless you count the check that the state of California thinks is right . . . apparently, our 2003 household income is suddenly equal to our deduction, making the state owe us more than we paid them).