Thursday, November 21, 2013

Beaujolais nouveau

It arrived!

The 2103 beaujolais.  It's bright, fresh with a hint of France and possibly bottle and cork.  Hmmm, it's red and behaves like a liquid.  It goez doun a treat maning i'm enjoying each bulp.

Oh, golp.  goll.  no, gulp!  gu;p.  sip.  yeah, that's it sip. not what i'm not typel.

OK, good it is.  Hints of slcohol sna it might be aloghoic, I dunno.  there's a quirrel1,

where'st he shuft key.  fug it1

i can't find shirt, shfti , shifrt, fusoud , focus, shift key.  that thing.

must sleep

Nouveau good.  in small doses.   plz

me bad xmple.

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