Monday, November 18, 2013

Snot Funny

Kink the Cat sneezes.  He sneezes a lot and once he gets going he might belt out three or four head-shaking, snot-rattling snorts before he sorts himself out.

Cat's don't give you any warning when they sneeze.  It comes on suddenly and they might even be asleep before, KA-SNLAFFFFF, and you're covered in sticky goo.

The first time Kink really got me with a head-full of Kat Goo, I was reminded of that scene in the movie, "Ghostbusters," where one of the guys gets "slimed."

I know how it feels.

It's not just wet, either.  It's sticky and not the kind of stuff you can just wipe off, although that is your immediate reaction.  If you wipe, it only smears out into a thinner layer of sticky goo.

The first time Kink sneezed all over my laptop screen I naively got a paper towel and tried to wipe it off.

Big mistake.  Wiping just made it worse.  Screen cleaner didn't help, either.  I thought I was in that Cat in the Hat book where Thing One and Thing Two make a huge mess cleaning up a small spot.

But, being the patient type I finally just closed up my laptop and went to bed.  It turns out that was the right thing to do.

Dried cat snot has quite different physical properties to wet cat snot:  it simply flakes off.  Eureka!

Still, even though I know the secret it's no fun getting slimed by Kink.  However, it's not all bad.  When Kink blows his sinuses all over my screen, I just close it up and go to sleep.

Even if it's two in the afternoon.

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