Thursday, November 07, 2013

Gam a Mam

Let's do brunch.

So done.

A gam with a man, man a mam.

"Where you been?"


"Oh, how long?"

"Five years."

Long pause.  Five years?  Has it been five freaking years?  Really?

"Yep, five years.  What's gone on in that time?"

Well, I dunno, a furnace, dishwasher, refrigerator, pool pump or two, roof work, painting, several cars, kids in college, the mind boggles!  THE MIND BOGGLES!

Five years!  Are you insane, man?  Stuff happens!

What have you done in five years, I asked?

"Well, I wrote a book and now I'm editing it and I built a boat.  What about you?"

Hmmm, well, I wrote about 10,000 Facebook postings, didn't build anything and hate boats.

"Seems like you did very well," we both said, and drank our coffee in silence.

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