Tuesday, November 22, 2016

End 2

Ryan put his seat back and closed his eyes.

Ryan opened his eyes.  Zöe was sitting next to him, staring straight ahead.

Ryan heard himself say, “We need to talk.”

Zöe stared straight ahead.  “I know,” Ryan heard Zöe say in his voice.

Ryan realized he wasn’t wearing a shirt, but wasn’t too bothered by the thought.  “I’ll swing by my locker and get one later.”

He turned toward Zöe but she was gone.  He looked down the aisle and saw her disappear at the aft of the plane.

Ryan heard a “bong-bong” and a voice saying - 

“For our descent to the Atlanta metro area, please stow your electronic items, bring your seats to their upright, locked position and secure your tray tables.  We’ll be landing shortly.”

Ryan looked around.  The plane was a hubbub of landing activity. Zöe was nowhere to be seen.  Ryan checked his watch and realized he’d been asleep for over two hours.

“I never sleep on flights,” Ryan thought,”man, I must have been some tired.”

As the plane touched down Ryan thought, “Almost home, not quite there.”

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