Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Fly on the Wall 4

Zöe turned and blinked.

Zöe looked at Ryan.  Ryan looked at Zöe.  Aaron, aka Coffee Guy looked surprised.

“Zöe,” Ryan said.

“Ryan,” Zöe said, “uh, Ryan this is Aaron.  Aaron this is Ryan, a fellow contractor who works around these parts and with clients and things and this is Ryan.”

Aaron straightened his tie and was surprised to find his hair out of place. He got himself in order.

“Ryan, nice to meet you,” he said.

Ryan looked at Zöe.  Briefly, her eyes were pleading, but she blinked , looked around and said, “Aaron and I were just discussing the conference and the final get together.”  She trailed off with that and looked at her shoes.

At that moment the world turned.  There was an audible click.  Ryan’s heart stopped beating.  Ryan didn’t know it but his heart was built to accept certain shapes, like keys but more complicated.  It’s a complex combination.

Some shapes would fit partially.  Those were infatuations.  

Some shapes had deeper parts.  Those were close friends.

Some shapes were pre-formed, perhaps complete or not.  Those were family.

And some shapes were very complicated, very deep, intricate.  Those were love.  Lasting love.  Permanent love.  Love that would last a lifetime.  Love that was predestined.  Love that could not be avoided.  Love that could not be denied.  Love that would last beyond the end of time.  Love eternal.  Love universal.  Love that could not be denied.

In all the World there may be thousands of people who hold that special combination, but the chances of meeting those people are astronomically slim.

But, it does happen.  It happened here.  The world turned and Zöe’s combination fell into Ryan’s heart.

Ryan looked at Zöe and said, “Zöe!  I was hoping to catch you here.  Are we still on for tonight?”

Zöe looked at Ryan.

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