Sunday, November 20, 2016

Fly on the Wall 9

Zöe thought about all the things she had to do.  Ryan was right, there was no time.

Zöe’s sister’s wedding was in the summer and there was so much to do.  Dresses to select, a color scheme, the flowers and all that.  Such a commitment in time.  Also, she had her account to deal with and the renewal of their contract for next year.

Speaking of contracts, Zöe and a girl friend had committed to running a 5k race in the Fall.  She’d need a new pair of running shoes and maybe a cute tank top.  Oh, so much to consider.

Zöe thought about her dog, Foxie, who would be missing her at home.   Poor Foxie!  Always left behind at least once a month.  Did she have friends at the kennel?  Zöe never asked.  Probably, she thought.  Foxie never seemed distressed going to the kennel or coming home.  Dogs, who knows?

Then there was her major account.  Another disaster and she would be tossed out on her ear.  She was working this account hard but, frankly, the tide was against her.  She got the vibe that everybody “hated” her and that perception was reinforced by they assigning some dweeb  to insulate her from the real seats of power.  She hoped she could manipulate this guy, but he seemed pretty dim.  Didn’t take hints well; somewhat of an idealist.

Realizing that Ryan was talking about something and looking oh, so serious, she interrupted.

“Excuse me, Ryan, but I need to, uh, powder my nose.”  Zöe left the table and walked toward the ladies room.

Ryan watched her go.  A grain of sand landed on his head.

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