Saturday, November 08, 2008

Hot to Trot

I was walking towards the truck with an arm full of vittles for dinner when I heard an anxious voice behind me.

"Hey! Wait up!"

I turned around to see an attractive young women running towards me waiving a handful of money.

"I need you!" I heard her shout.

I thought, "Not again. Third time this week."

When she got close she eyed me from head to foot, and foot to head. Then she said, "Oh, you're not the guy with the coupons."

The cashier had a fist full of coupons and rebate money probably totaling $2, my going rate on a good day.

"Rats," she said, "missed him." She turned and headed back to the store.

"Lunch next week?" I enquired.

Above her head she raised a single finger which I interpreted to be Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

Today's hot tip. Don't wear a red shirt into the Target store. People will assume you work there, even if you happen to be hauling two kids around with you.

Tom said...

For guys like us, fending off the ladies is just part of life!

Former Novice Alaskan said...

LOL - Optimist!