Tuesday, November 25, 2008


As a kid I was fascinated by Ripley's Believe It or Not!

The exclamation point is Ripley's, not mine.

I had a bunch of Ripley's books which documented all the weird and wonderful useless facts that anyone could want. Or not.

One that I remember is the Biggest Dish in the World: Stuffed Camel.

The blueprint was basically chickens stuffed into goats stuffed into a camel and cooked. Who would bother, I have no idea. But this recipe surfaced in my rat's nest of a mind when preparing my own invention, the Tacochilada.

Having a pan of enchiladas from the night before I was perfectly happy with just heating them up and having the same-old, same-old again. Nothing wrong with that.

Then I had a brainstorm, or as Snoop would say, a neuroshizzle fizzle.

Thus the blueprint for a Tacochilada which is a combination of a taco and an enchilada.

The Taco: crunchy, deep fried, corn tortilla filled with tasty meat and stuffed with lettuce, tomato, cheese and hot sauce.

The Enchilada: baked, soft, corn tortilla, filled with cheese, chicken, onions and sauce.

The Tacochilada: taco shell stuffed with an enchilada with lettuce, tomato, cheese, sour cream and hot sauce.

It's crunchy, cheesy, saucy, lettucey, tomatoey and scrumdiddilyumpcious.

It's tasty beyond tasty, fo'shizzle!

Oh, as for stuffed camel, believe it or not, there's a recipe on the Intertube. Actually, I was going to do stuffed camel this weekend, but, darn, I'm out of pine nuts!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, MAN. I totally think the Tacochilada should replace the turkey on the Thanksgiving table.