Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I've known Beth Cherry for about five years, although we've never met physically.

When I first got interested in the Blogging Scene I surfed the Net looking for blogs of interest, and if I found something interesting I would follow the links on that blog to other interesting blogs.

That's how I found the North Carolina Experiment, one of Beth's earlier blogs.

I was captivated by Beth's design and layout. As a web designer myself I was always on the lookout for people with that certain graphical eye or particular writing style.

I found both on Beth's blog. Her web design was striking and unique. Her writing was direct but playful. She had it all.

Face it, Beth had Style. Capital S.

I was also impressed by Beth the person who wrote about her trials and tribulations so openly and effortlessly, something I'd find hard to do. Beth wrote about her life, her loves, her aspirations, her disappointments, her successes and her failures. Such openness was epitomized by blogs and Beth took that genre to the boundaries.

Beth was a Blogging Pioneer, First Class, with a gold Oak Leaf cluster. An inspiration to us all. Beth demonstrated by her hard work and open heart what blogging could be. I was hooked. And my own writing grew from her example.

Beth was the inspiration for my own blogging life and without her guidance I would have given up years ago. Beth illuminated a path to the Muse that resides in us all, but needs to be awakened and encouraged.

From North Carolina, Beth applied to graduate school in design in New York and was accepted. It was a big decision and a big move for her to leave a paying job for live as a graduate student and no guarantee of a future. However, she leapt for that gold ring, secured her Masters of Fine Arts from the top design school in the nation and has launched herself on another adventure and career taking her to Germany and India.

Although I have no horse in this race, so to speak, I am proud of Beth's accomplishments and achievements. Her spirit and moxie are inspirational to me and, I'm sure, all the people who know her.

And, I consider it a great privilege to have been asked to be a guest blogger on her site while she is on vacation in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean which, apparently, has no cell phone towers.

Who knew?

Check out my pitiful attempt to uphold my end of the bargain at Beth Cherry dot Com.


Anonymous said...

One does enjoy a nice shop in a familiar grocery establishment.

Don't ever move to Metro Washington and try shopping at Giant Food. Long a locally-owned establishment, it was sold a few years ago to the Dutch-owned Royal Ahold. Now every trip is a new adventure. The store is reorganized and rearranged weekly. Jams and jellies in aisle 4. Sorry, not this week. You go to the service counter to inquire when the store might restock your favorite Twinings Prince of Wales tea. We don't sell that product any longer. Alas, there's no more red currant jelly, no more pink lady apples, no more DeCecco linguini fini, no more ground celery seed.

Oh, and hope that the cranky deli clerk doesn't pull your number. If you want anything other than an even pound of anything sliced, he will yell at you if you don't produce the correct hand signals for 1/2 pound, etc. (yup, hand signals)

When you head to checkout, try to avoid the sad young woman who prays aloud while scanning and bagging your groceries. Try to find the nice young Pakistani guy. His line will always be the longest, but the fastest.

Why do I keep going to this frustrating establishment? The underground parking is delightful (unless it rains).

I enjoy your blog.
Hallie in Maryland

Real Live Lesbian said...

My first time here, from BC. Great job on the post!