Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving Drama

A friend of mine (don't feign surprise, thank you very much) wrote to say that there was Thanksgiving drama afoot. More later.

There should be dramatic music that comes out of nowhere at times like this.

Thanksgiving Drama ... dum dump DUMMMMMMMM!

Or, bongos! I always loved bongos!

Thanksgiving Drama ... cue long bongo tattoo, creepy like the Twilight Zone.

Now, I'm in the lurch. The announcement, the anticipation of Thanksgiving Drama, with Thanksgiving still three days away and reports of the drama to come, hopefully, later.

And just what, I say, what would constitute drama?

The unexpected guest, furtive glances, whispered conversations in the kitchen, midnight sobbing in the upstairs bedroom.

A shadow in the hallway, the Major with a lead pipe in the study, wringing hands, downcast eyes, the shooing away of children.

Forced smiles, a brisk hello met by silence, a sharp intake of breath, the quietly spoken "I'd think it best if you would go. Now."

Footsteps on the stairs, a locked door, an argument shushed.

Silence at dinner, a broken glass, flimsy excuses "I'm sorry to leave on such short notice but my appendix has just burst."

A light in the attic window, suddenly extinguished, weeping, a slammed door, footsteps in the cellar, a barking dog unexpectedly silenced, the arrival of a stranger.

A ringing phone, train whistle in the distance, fog rolling in, the lights go out. Candlelight.

Someone missing, a muffled cry, a suitcase left behind, smoke on the water, fire in the sky.

Taillights disappearing into the rain, a hand on a shoulder, reassurance, "He'll be back. He always comes back."

And the choked reply through clenched teeth, "God, I hope not. He took the leftovers and for that he will pay. Yes, he will pay."

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Unknown said...

The butler did it!