Saturday, November 26, 2011

Don't Wrap It, Bag It

"No you don't! No you don't! No you don't!"

I had just pulled my bag off the belt in Baggage Claim when this deranged woman pushed her way through the crowd, stepping on children, pushing lumberjacks out of the way and shouting like her purse had been snatched.

"No you don't, that's my bag," she snarled looking at me with wild-eyed fury.

I calmly pointed to the luggage tag and the airline claim tag which had my name printed clearly at the bottom and said, "Yes I do! Yes I do! Yes I do! This is my bag."

Faced with the evidence she deflated like a Macy's Day Parade balloon and offered an excuse, "Well, I've got a luggage strap just like that."

"Congratulations," I said, "we both shop at Wal-Mart."

I walked away with my bag as an anonymous voice said, "Oh, snap!"

Yep, I thought, I just exude Christmas spirit!

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