Wednesday, November 30, 2011

NaBloPoMo 2011

Hello end of November, Blogger here!

Another National Blog Posting Month and another 30 consecutive posts. Not all of them brilliant but consecutive and that's the rule.

It's a good exercise for those of us who get out of the habit of writing daily and sink into that warm, comfortable lounge chair made by Sloth Co. Yep, I've got a lot of furniture from that company.

As a wrap for the month, how did the final day go? Well, to start, there were more crazy drivers on the road than usual. Not fast, reckless drivers, but slow, insipidly stupid, in-your-way drivers who were intent on causing as much disruption, slowly, as possible. Drivers in the wrong lane trying to slowly merge into the "right" lane and drivers in the "right" lane trying to slowly merge into the "righter" lane. Go figger.

There was the lady at Kroger's who after being asked 5 times by the checker if she had any coupons and responding "no" dug into her vast handbag at the last moment totally sure that she had a coupon worth 5-cents off some useless product she only bought because she had a 5-cent off coupon. She never found it and became rightfully startled when I started to growl at her. Thank you vampire films, my growls are much more effective these days.

There was the moron who parked in front of the community mailbox, totally blocking access as he perused his Victoria's Secret catalog. I told him he was an XXL and maroon was not his color but he didn't seem to interested in my free advice. I also suggested he take his catalog and read it in his garage like a normal prevert.

And, finally, I made friends with the dog by locking him in a room all day with nothing to listen to but old Pat Boone tapes. Grateful dog. Thanks, Pat.

Dinner tonight was simple but outstanding: butter saut├ęd cod with new potatoes, green beans and mushrooms served with Nouveaux Beaujolais.

And finally, finally, hello December and Christmas 2011. Twelve Two Two Fondue VIII in 22 days. Prodigious.

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Unknown said...

Congrats Bill!

Another one in the books!


Happy 12/22