Thursday, November 17, 2011

Problem Solved

Some years ago there was a book that described a climate change that would put the Earth into a protracted winter resulting from nuclear (nuuk-a-lar) war. It was called Nuclear Winter.

The concept was that if mutually assured destruction didn't do the job, all the dust and particulates kicked up into the atmosphere would block sunlight for years or decades plunging the planet into a near-perminant winter. I guess the effects would be even worse during the actual winter. A few years of that and the only things left on the planet would be polar bears and penguins.

So, now we're faced with global warming and the answer to this problem is right under our noses! Yes, down in those missile silos are enough nukes to keep the planet in balance for eons. All we have to do is fire off one or two a year, by my calculations, and it will be like San Diego everywhere.

Sunburn? A thing of the past. I don't know the SPF of radioactive atmospheric dust but I bet it's pretty high.

I'm going to flesh out this idea a little more then send it to the Department of Energy, well, if it's still a department.

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