Saturday, November 05, 2011

Plan B ... and D, E, F and G.

Plan A was a seafood cocktail made out of boiled shrimp, crab, cabbage/lettuce mix, avocados, jalapeños, tomatoes and some kind of sauce made from horseradish, mayo, tomato paste and Tabasco.

Unfortunately for Plan A, I only had the shrimp and jalapeños. Well, rats, on to Plan B.

Plan B was sautéd shrimp in a cream sauce with feta cheese and bell pepper served on fettucini.

Unfortunately for Plan B, I only had shrimp and jalapeños.

Perhaps you're starting to see a pattern here. Further investigation uncovered some rice, mushrooms, a piece of salmon, green beans, ginger and I have lemon grass growing outside.

So, Plan C was to simmer up some chicken stock with sliced ginger and some smashed lemon grass shoots. While that was going on I wok-ed up (is that a verb?) the chopped jalapeños, green beans, mushrooms, shrimp and a shake of red pepper flakes. After removing the ginger and lemon grass shreds, in went the shrimp mixture, seasoned with a little salt and left to simmer.

Meanwhile, Plan D, was on auto-pilot: rice in the Zojirushi, press the pink button.

Plan E involved mixing in the wok some rice wine vinegar, minced ginger, minced lemon grass, soy sauce, heavy soy sauce, fish oil and a little honey, bringing the mixture to a boil and simmering for a few minutes until it thickened. After cooling for a few minutes I poured half of it over the salmon and let than marinade.

Plan F, eat the soup while the fish hangs out in the marinade.

Plan G, hot cook the fish in the wok three minutes a side and drizzle some of the remaining marinade over the sizzling fish to make a glaze.

Not bad for only having some shrimp and jalapeños.

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