Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Not a-Mused

Hello, Muse?

It is not your night off. Imma pretty sure of that. I'm waiting. Inspire me.

(taps foot)

Don't tell me it's going to be one of those cheap, under-the-wire NaBloPoMo posts just to get something written.

(stares at screen)

Well, let's go down the list of favorite subjects.

1. Cats. They slept all day and are sleeping now.

2. Bad drivers. Nothing out of the ordinary today. Everybody in their lane, moving at the posted speed.

3. Food. Leftovers. Nuked expertly. Eaten with a spoon out of a big bowl.

4. Weather. All is clam.

5. General. I may be developing athlete's foot. I'll keep my feet warm and damp and perhaps grow something worth writing about.

As for Muse, thanks for nothing. I hope you wake up with somebody else's underwear on your head.

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