Saturday, November 19, 2011

Your Wish is My Command

A person I know dropped her camera and snapped off a small, but important, piece of plastic that holds the lens in place. The camera still works, the lens does its auto-focus thing and the pictures look good, but you have to hold the lens tight to the camera body or rays of light will slip in.


Fortunately, a quick rub of the genie lamp revealed a replacement lens at a good discount and with overnight delivery via magic carpet for free.

What a deal! Done and done!

True to the word Amazon genie the replacement lens arrived this afternoon quicker than you could say Barbara Eden. *blink* *blink*

A cynic might say, "Well, why didn't you just run up to Target or Best Buy or WalMart and get a lens there? Besides, why the rush?

The answer to that is straightforward: Target and WalMart don't carry the brand and Best Buy was sold out! Plus, the price was better on Amazon and I didn't have to drive around. The rush was that the person with the damaged camera was leaving on a trip soon and not too keen on having the camera lens stabilized to the body with duct tape (my first solution).

Amazon and on-line ordering companies have come a long way from the late 90's when investors were worried about the business model of on-line purchase and delivery. And, until I get my very own Jeannie, it's the next best thing!

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I have the crack that is Amazon Prime. It's just too friggin easy!